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It’s a virus

It starts in the mind

It’s hungry

It’s searching

It takes every negative thing in your brain

And amplifies it

And multiplies it

Until it becomes a toxic cloud in your head

Soaking up all the air

Diminishing anything other than utter worry

Leaving you with only the bad

Only fear

Only despair

The first symptom takes place in your stomach

The ache

The clawing

It will then spread to the tips of your limbs

Making them bounce

Making them shake

Meanwhile it makes its way to your lungs

Causing your breathes to be shallow

Causing you to loose control

Lastly it makes its way to your heart

To where you can hear it in your ears

To where you can feel it in your chest

But this is just what the virus is

What the virus does

What stress is

What stress does


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