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Our Lovely Stars

This is just a reminder to everyone out there

To those who whisper to the stars your silent prayer

That our lovely stars get many a night

Wishes upon their bright and shining light

But do you ever stop to wonder if the stars grow weary

Of all our dreams and our wishes so dreary

Do our stars stop to realize that they are downcast

Never talked to but just asked asked asked

Asked for a puppy or a friend to heal

Asked for happy dreams or a good breakfast meal

For our stars already rise in the night to guide our way

What makes it fair of us to demand but not say

Say to them that they hold such beauty in our sky

Tell them it’s magnificent we can see them so high

Thank them for coming out to listen to our pleads

Thank them for hearing all our wants and our needs

So just a reminder to all those who wish upon a star

To talk to our friends and ask ask how they are


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