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Mad Hatter

Madness lives within us all

Deciding if you’ll fly or fall

It comes to us in times of need

Whether boringness or time of greed

But do not fear the dark it brings

For madness can be among good things

What you do with it is up to you

It’s not just for everyone with a loose screw

Are you going to use it

Are you gunna abuse it

Will you purely deny it

Will you overly satisfy it

But I promise you that it is there

I’ll show you in the things you’ve dared

That one time in that one fight

The ideas you’ve had that we called bright

The stupid things I know you’ve done

The freak O things that we’ve called fun

Simple internet dives where you swim deep

Forgetting air with every new creep

But madness is not always a bad thing

So don’t fear seeing what it will bring

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