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Dear Life, Get Out Of My Life

My dearest life I want you no more

Pack up your drama and go to the door

You don’t play fair which most people claim

But me I’m all done with your unjust games

You take all you want with no prize in return

Causing the unexpected with every new turn

Roll with the punches is what iv been told

But the ground that I fall to is becoming quite cold

When things seem to start to be going my way

In comes you causing a fray

All your twists and theatrics causing a wreck

Which is why Iv decided to make you jump the deck

So yes dear life get out of mine please

Without you it should be a nice steady breeze

No cliffs or sudden mountains I’m forced to climb

Goodbye my cruel friend I’ll be in my prime


The Wasteful Traveler

Along the journey I tend to look ahead

I look forward to the trees and the lakes

Not realizing the beautiful flower I stepped over

My eyes drift to the clouds and the sun

Whilst missing the pink pebble below me

I listen to the birds loud song

Missing the message of the winds blow

I find myself looking for the destination

Or the stops along the way

Overpassing all the beauty of the little things

A wishing flower

A small pebble

A whisper from the winds

I miss the journey of my travels

So by the time Iv reached my destination

It’s too late to make a wish

To pick up the pebble

To hear natures words

I find myself wondering

What’s more important

The destination

Or the journey

Mad Hatter

Madness lives within us all

Deciding if you’ll fly or fall

It comes to us in times of need

Whether boringness or time of greed

But do not fear the dark it brings

For madness can be among good things

What you do with it is up to you

It’s not just for everyone with a loose screw

Are you going to use it

Are you gunna abuse it

Will you purely deny it

Will you overly satisfy it

But I promise you that it is there

I’ll show you in the things you’ve dared

That one time in that one fight

The ideas you’ve had that we called bright

The stupid things I know you’ve done

The freak O things that we’ve called fun

Simple internet dives where you swim deep

Forgetting air with every new creep

But madness is not always a bad thing

So don’t fear seeing what it will bring

Our Lovely Stars

This is just a reminder to everyone out there

To those who whisper to the stars your silent prayer

That our lovely stars get many a night

Wishes upon their bright and shining light

But do you ever stop to wonder if the stars grow weary

Of all our dreams and our wishes so dreary

Do our stars stop to realize that they are downcast

Never talked to but just asked asked asked

Asked for a puppy or a friend to heal

Asked for happy dreams or a good breakfast meal

For our stars already rise in the night to guide our way

What makes it fair of us to demand but not say

Say to them that they hold such beauty in our sky

Tell them it’s magnificent we can see them so high

Thank them for coming out to listen to our pleads

Thank them for hearing all our wants and our needs

So just a reminder to all those who wish upon a star

To talk to our friends and ask ask how they are


It’s a virus

It starts in the mind

It’s hungry

It’s searching

It takes every negative thing in your brain

And amplifies it

And multiplies it

Until it becomes a toxic cloud in your head

Soaking up all the air

Diminishing anything other than utter worry

Leaving you with only the bad

Only fear

Only despair

The first symptom takes place in your stomach

The ache

The clawing

It will then spread to the tips of your limbs

Making them bounce

Making them shake

Meanwhile it makes its way to your lungs

Causing your breathes to be shallow

Causing you to loose control

Lastly it makes its way to your heart

To where you can hear it in your ears

To where you can feel it in your chest

But this is just what the virus is

What the virus does

What stress is

What stress does

What I Could Think If I Could Think For Myself

I wonder what my mind would make up

If I told all the other voices to simply shut up

If I wasn’t told what was right and wrong

If they didn’t say what did and didn’t belong

If they didn’t tell me what I think and what I will do

If my thoughts simply turned into wings and flew

Because my brain is just a storm of everyone else’s voices

So I speak others words knowing I don’t get to make my choices

Leaving me to ponder where I fit in to my own head

Because they hold the pencil trailing my brain with their lead

So yes I do wonder what my thoughts would be

What I might say if my thoughts were free

But no when you speak to me it isn’t I who you are taking too

But to their thoughts that take up far too much room